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Home Stories by Alexis Herbosch (PRE-ORDER)


Serenity and tactility have determined the design practice of Alexis Herbosch for twenty years. They form a fil rouge throughout his life and this monograph. They are virtues that are undervalued today. What we see are pure forms and a simple mise-en-scène. We feel nature as our guide, observe the defining light and experience the power of the environment. Like a true master, he chooses the right elements to define an experience. From these, spaces grow that smile at all the senses. The use of natural and regional materials is striking. Think of a script of roof tiles over old plank floors to limed walls. Stripped of all excess and inspired by the art of Nordic well-being, Alexis captures the essence of the good life in his growing oeuvre. His sober lines and controlled layout are his foundations. He combines a savoir-vivre with his savoir-faire. Step by step, the designer takes us with him into his language of forms, his choice of materials and his way of thinking.

Alexis has an unmistakable signature. Whether he is giving new life to an old building, designing furniture or working on a new construction project, his vocabulary remains recognisable. We are offered an insight into a universe of patient renovation and gentle restoration. Modelled with materials whose soul grows with age. In this way, the reader and viewer not only get the design story, but also gradually gain insight into his philosophy and aesthetic language of form. And that is what this book wants to be: a great declaration of love to Alexis’ creations and experience, a visual experience based on key words and inspiring quotes. The designer offers the reader a varied look at his design.

His observations of two decades of building are expressed and depicted in texts and photographs in this lavish coffee table book finished with real linen.

Publication date: 12/2021

240 pages hardcover

Size: 270 x 340 mm (10 2/3 x 13 1/2 inches)

Finished with real linen on Munken papers

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