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Lempereur - Architectes Décorateurs

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Publication: MAROT

This book presents the work of Hélène and Olivier Lempereur, architects and decorators in Brussels and Paris. It is the story of their lives, a synthesis of 20 years of work hand in hand. Structured according to their achievements, it includes a selection of their most important and recent projects (the latest were photographed in May 2016). The first and most important part, devoted to apartments and private houses from Paris to Brussels, via Corsica, allows you to discover these exceptional interiors, each time unique. At the end of the volumes are the realizations of stores and boutiques. For each project, a short text of presentation allows the reader to taste the particular flavor. On many occasions, the preparatory plans and sketches contribute to understanding the creative and artistic process. Throughout the book, double-page spreads tell of the architects' encounters and inspirations and reveal their personal worlds. Photo campaigns have been realized especially for this book.

Publication: 10/2016

424 pages hardcover

278 x 348 mm (10 3/4 x 13 1/3 inches)

Bilingual French + English

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