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Generation Next - Architects & Interior Designers defining Tomorrow


Introducing the best young-designers-to-be, whether rule-breakers or defenders of tradition, upcoming architects design buildings and infrastructure that will define our cities for years to come. Their creativity, artistic drive, and commitment to innovation shapes the way we interact with the places we call home, whether that be urban center or rural retreat.

The portraits and projects of the 20 most promising architects and designers under 40:

Guillaume Alan - Jessica Barouch - Caprini + Pellerin - Meg Cassidy - Chanandeayrs - Christina Cole - Decancq-Otté - Dries De Malsche - Emil Dervisch  - Framework - Karine Lewkowicz - Nathan Lithera - M. Elle Design - Emily Neugarten - nune - OOAA - Nicolas Schuybroek - Emmanuelle Simon - Antoine Simonin - Dieter Vander Velpen


256 pages

25x34 cm (10 x 13 1/3 inches), luxury finishing with real linen

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