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Disk Tray Small


Designer: Arno Declercq

Disk Tray Small - 27 cm W x 8 cm H // 10,2” W x 3.1” H

Ref. code AD3/DT.S.18

Belgium Oak

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Arno Declercq is a Belgian designer and art dealer, born in 1994, who makes bespoke objects with passion for design, atmosphere, history and craft.

Each piece is unique because it is entirely handcrafted by him. Made of tropical hardwood called Iroko this he discovered after one of his many trips to West Africa interested in voodoo arts. In these strange tribal arts, the wood “Iroko” is used in many objects, according to their culture, the ancestors lives in these trees, and they also call this tree “the king of the forest”.

Arno also combines this with Belgian Oak, that dried for more than 30 years, wood that was provided for the many furniture makers in Mechelen.

By treating these objects through the Yakusugi technique or another mentioned “Shou Sugi Ban” an ancient Japanese technique where the objects are burned to protect the wood from weathering and subsequently fixed to get a patina look as long as possible. This gives each object a unique texture that is loved by many.


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