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Lidded bowl in black marble


Designer: Nicolas Schuybroek for when objects work

Bowl with bronzed lid in black marble.

Diameter: 39 cm (15 1/3 inches).
Available for immediate shipping.

The bowls with brass lid are not available anymore as from November 2018.

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Nicolas Schuybroek’s lidded bowl is an exercise in quiet rigour. The design sets a rounded square within a perfect circle. The character of this primary geometric gesture is interrogated through a tightly edited series of material variations – lava stone, sandblasted oak and lacquered walnut – exploring the contrasting conditions of smooth and textured, dark and light, raw and refined. Each meticulously considered detail of form and surface comes together in a composition that combines the purity of abstraction with the satisfying visual heft of artisanal work.

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek was born in 1981 and raised in Brussels. Having been educated in English, French and Dutch-speaking schools, he is perfectly tri-lingual and is used to working in those three languages. His multicultural background and extensive travel nourish his work with a broad and international perspective.

He was listed in the top 100 designers by AD France in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

 In 2016, Nicolas Schuybroek developed a first series of objects for the Belgian brand when objects work presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

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