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Milli Proust is inspired by the way plants grow in the wild, and she loves working with what she grows, creating romantic and playful designs for weddings, events, brands and personal clients. All of her crops are all grown in rhythm with nature, and are completely chemical-free in a passionate effort to protect our surrounding wildlife.

Six years ago, she made the move from London, where she was born and raised, to a deeply rural pocket of West Sussex. It may be only an hour back to the city by train, but it often feels so much further away than that. She fell in love with the countryside, deep in the woods, growing as much beauty as she could. In the few years of making this her home, she has learnt to see the seasons change, not just from winter to spring, from spring to summer, but from week to week, each and every day bringing new promise, change and subtle shift.

Author: Milli Proust

Size: 212 x 260 mm (8 1/3 x 10 1/3 inches)

208 pages hardcover

Publication: Autumn 2022

English language only


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