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Michel Delvosalle - Gardens 1982-2020

Passionate about nature and the harmony of landscapes, Michel Delvosalle finished his studies as a landscaper in 1972.
He immediately created his first planning office for public and private spaces.
His extremely varied career as a "visionary of gardens" artist, creator of spaces and atmospheres, painter, sculptor and landscape architect is far from trivial.
If the gardens of Michel Delvosalle have a strength and a particularism that make them unique, there is one Leitmotiv: the search for harmony and the flexibility of adaptation to places and people.

A selection of gardens created between 1982 - 2020 in a luxuriously edited book.
With a unique feature: QR codes lead to videos offering the reader of this book an overview of all gardens and landscapes, with comments by Michel Delvosalle.

Photography: Jo Pauwels
Texts: Michel Delvosalle
Format: 235 x 295 x 28 mm, hardcover.
Number of pages: 304
Unilingual edition in French.

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