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Contemporary Seaside Houses

A seaside house is a place to unwind in a relaxed setting. They hold the promise of freedom, escape, and pure relaxation. Indoor-outdoor living is the norm. 
This title leads readers on a private tour of architectural gems for escaping to the serenity of the seaside. With a unique attachment to their homes, coastal dwellers and their homes exude a certain warmth and beauty found nowhere else. 
This luscious book explores the unique design of beautiful architecturally designed coastal houses as well as of the gorgeous natural environments that surround them. They harmoniously adapt to the surrounding landscape while embracing the seaside lifestyle with sumptuous interiors and outdoor living spaces
Contemporary Seaside Houses features a stunning array of remarkable examples of residential design at the sea. From peaceful, modern houses to edgy designer homes, these breathtaking waterfront properties will inspire anyone who loves a water view. Coastal living at its very best!



192 pages

30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches) hardcover book, luxury jacket

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