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"Almond" bookweight / cardholder


Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, Caché offers just that - a collection of sculptural objects for the home, designed to assist and embellish what people treasure most. Always integrating seamlessly, as if hiding in plain sight. As such, a Caché object is made to emphasize, making your valued objects even more interesting to use and behold. Hence the name.

Taking its cue from its namesake from nature, "Almond" is perfectly shaped as just that - an almond. 

As with most of the finer things in life, the essence of Almond is balance. Give it a slight touch of your finger and watch it tip from side to side, only to return to its grounded centre. 

Almond adds a dash of understated elegance to your books and magazine. You can leave your books open and place Almond on the page containing a passage you cherish, or you can have Almond grace the cover.

Made from solid brass, Almond provides a reassuring sense of meticulous craftsmanship as you hold it in your hands. The smooth surface will age slowly but surely, giving Almond a unique patina caused by your books and your hands.

Dimension: H: 30mm/1.2in W: 50mm/2in  D: 20 mm/0.8in

Weight: 175 g

Materials: Satin brushed solid brass, untreated

Design: Signe Hytte

Year: 2020

Crafted in Denmark

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