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Bowl Bronzed


Designer: John Pawson for when objects work

Diameter: 35 cm (13 3/4 inches)


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John Pawson’s architecture is about a total vision of an environment. The design of a range of household objects is, for him, the next logical step in creating harmonious living spaces in which nothing jars.

 “I chose to do these objects because they are the things which get left out, which don’t get put away in a cupboard. I was aiming for a quality of directness. My point is not that these objects are essential in the sense that one cannot live without them, rather that each design is based on the pared down essence of particular function”.

The bowl is a perfect, seamless hemisphere of bronze. The striking sculptural quality of the piece derives from its simplicity of form, monumental scale and its ability to sit obliquely to the surface on which it is set.

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