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Bowl "Coupe" in Italian Portoro marble


Designer: Michaël Verheyden for when objects work

Diameter: 30 cm (12 inches)

Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden creates uncommon objects for common rituals. Blending serene shapes and meandering materials into pure, refined creations.

All objects mirror their creator: caring, thoughtful.

"But, the obvious is never obvious", Michaël Verheyden says, referring to the silent, yet story-telling shapes he creates. Revealing his quest for simplicity, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world.
"We need to feel grounded again", which is why his objects combine a global appeal with unveiled roots.

Craftsman Verheyden prefers noble and durable materials that feel natural and age beautifully : marble, leather, bronze, oak.

The creation process spans from design to the actual manufacturing, all under one roof, made in Belgium ...

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