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Designer: John Pawson for when objects work

Bronzed + pyrex glass

Diameter: 10 cm x 30,5 cm high (4 x 12 inches)


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John Pawson’s architecture is about a total vision of an environment. The design of a range of household objects is, for him, the next logical step in creating harmonious living spaces in which nothing jars.

 “I chose to do these objects because they are the things which get left out, which don’t get put away in a cupboard. I was aiming for a quality of directness. My point is not that these objects are essential in the sense that one cannot live without them, rather that each design is based on the pared down essence of particular function”.

The main body of the object is a simple cedar cylinder housing a slender glass tube and storage for seven candles. The lid for the container is cast in solid bronze. This bronze element serves as a holder for a single candle, either alone, or on top of the wooden base. Used with the glass cylinder, the candleholder becomes a contemporary reworking of the traditional storm lantern.

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