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Living with Wood (digital book only)


Wood has very many positive attributes as a natural construction material, but was for a long time neglected in the architecture of western Europe.

However, this situation has changed a great deal over the course of recent decades.

Construction with wood has gained a solid reputation and is seen as a valid alternative to traditional building with bricks. Wood also offers many advantages: processing it is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, the construction time is short, and it is a very durable material. Many wooden constructions have withstood the test of time over hundreds of years.

The most important reason for selecting wood, though, is the pleasant atmosphere enjoyed by owners of wooden houses.

This also applies when wood is used as an essential element of an interior: floors,

panelling and fitted cabinetwork create a welcoming feeling of warmth and cosiness in a home.

This book features many inspiring examples of both houses and interiors: homes

constructed out of wood and also traditional brick buildings where wood occupies a prominent position inside the house.

English version

204 pages

Printed book is sold out and will not be reprinted.

This digital version is readable on all devices: iPhone, iPad, all Samsung and other Android phones and tablets, Apple and other computers.

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