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Living with Wood - The best Interiors & Outdoor Spaces

Wood has always played an invaluable part in construction, architecture, and interior decoration and has long been valued for its practical benefits. 
An important material for many centuries and used in countless diverse ways wood has become a source of inspiration in contemporary architecture. The sustainable building material is easy to process, structurally very powerful and extremely simple to combine with other materials. It insulates against heat as well as cold.
Structural elements such as beams and vaulted ceilings become features in their own right. Wood can be used as further embellishment in the form of beautiful panelling or carved and turned banisters and staircases, and in original furniture designs. 
Whether it is left in its natural state to show the variety of grains and depths of colors, or used as a bare canvas for paint techniques, wood is a beautiful and timeless resource.
The most important reason for selecting wood, though, is the pleasant atmosphere enjoyed by owners of wooden houses.
This also applies when wood is used as an essential element of an interior: floors, panelling and fitted cabinetwork create a welcoming feeling of warmth and cosiness in a home.
Living with Wood provides inspiration for anyone who appreciates the beauty of this wonderful natural material. A superb compilation that will be of great inspiration for all.



224 pages

244 x 310 mm (10 x 12 1/3 inches) hardcover

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