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Timeless Renovations (digital book only)


This title offers an in-depth focus on seven recent renovations of a most

diverse range of properties, including the complete restoration and

redesignation of an impressive country estate and park garden, the

metamorphosis of one of the most authentic castles in the Dordogne (dating

from 1453), the redesign of an apartment in a distinctive residence in the

historic centre of Brussels, the conscientious restoration of a sculptor’s studio

in modernist style, the revival of a 19th  century castle, the soft renovation of a

nineteenth-century courtyard farm and the contemporary transformation of a

historic windmill.

Authenticity and respect for the past were at the heart of each of these projects:

the desire to restore the building into its former glory, with the addition of all

modern conveniences, whilst avoiding nostalgia and historicisation.

Trilingual: English / French / Dutch

204 pages

Printed book is sold out and will not be reprinted.

This digital version is readable on all devices: iPhone, iPad, all Samsung and other Android phones and tablets, Apple and other computers.

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