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The Authentic Home


Occupying a home means that every room has a purpose and creates an atmosphere that reflects the values and lifestyle of its inhabitants.

With a carefully curated collection of intimate and sophisticated interiors, ranging from a chic town house in Paris to a family house in Taipei and a tranquil country estate in Belgium, this book showcases fifteen authentic homes filled with color and charm while exuding a refreshing contemporary style. Each house has its own thoughtful narrative, but all share a common ethos: they are connected on an innate and authentic level by their sense of proportion and attention to detail.

All the homes featured reflect the personality and spirit of the people who inhabit it. With a wide-ranging mix of bespoke furniture, contemporary pieces, understated elegance and grand intimacy, they easily accommodate family and gatherings.

 “The Authentic Home" showcases homes that are luxurious but never pretentious. They celebrate comfort, character, and user-friendly design.

Whether it’s the “non-designed” aesthetic how to blend new and old, mix colors and patterns, pared-down rooms are remarkably harmonious and relaxed due to the blend of natural materials, muted colors, and matte surfaces and textures, especially from wood, stone, and rough textiles. This book presents interiors of a spare yet sumptuous sophistication.

 “The Authentic Home” is a tribute to compelling and characterful homes with profound sensibility.

With previously unpublished photography this new book will appeal to anyone with an interest in welcoming, soulful interiors.


Size: 27 x 34 cm (10 2/3 x 13 1/3 inches)

256 pages

Luxury finishings with real natural linen

English version only

Publication: 08/2021


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