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Caché (Denmark) Bookstand in smoked oak


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"Page" is a bookstand designed to elevate a page you treasure.
Designed with an architectural approach, the stand rests on a slim and slender structure carefully jointed at the bottom, slightly placed of center. This makes the joinery a beautiful detail and a high-light, emphasizing the craftsmanship that goes into every single "Page".

Signe Hytte, Creative Director at Caché, says:

"It was important to me to provide an illusion that almost makes it seem like the book is floating when resting on Page. Furthermore, I wanted to create an object that added elements of the traditions of Danish furniture and architecture to a smaller design piece. This is particularly evident in how the joinery of the stand and the feet meet each other".

Made from FSC certified oak, the "Page" bookstand offers a reassuring sense of craftsmanship to the touch. It is treated with oil, giving the wood a soft, tactile feel. 

The natural oak has been smoked in a smokebox to give it its beautiful, darkened appearance.

Dimensions: 125 x 375 x 230 mm.
Weight: 900 g

Design: Signe Hytte, April 2021

Crafted in Denmark. Caché brings sculptural objects for the home and is tied to the universe of books. Crafted with simplicity and pure aesthetics in mind. Founded in 2020 in Copenhagen.

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