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Caché (Denmark) Equi bookend in Calacatta marble


Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, Caché offers just that - a collection of sculptural objects for the home, designed to assist and embellish what people treasure most. Always integrating seamlessly, as if hiding in plain sight. As such, a Caché object is made to emphasize, making your valued objects even more interesting to use and behold. Hence the name.

The ambition is to create something functional that lasts a lifetime and becomes part of a personal narrative. The Equi bookend - the first Caché object to be launched - embodies this philosophy. Signe Hytte, Creative Director at Caché, says: Equi is the perfect representation of everything Caché stands for. It has a double feature: a seamless functionality and a sculptural quality. Often, the perfect accessory becomes a favourite because of that exact combination. This is the space we want Caché to occupy.

Equi is entirely made from either marble or travertine, designed to subtly counterweight books and magazines. The name is derived from the word “equilibrium”, underlining the balance between the book and the bookend. Signe Hytte elaborates:

It’s almost as if the Equi bookend and the books depend on each other. They become one. Naturally.

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 60 mm (approx. 6 x 6 x 4 inches)

Weight: 2500 grams

Design: Signe Hytte 2020, Copenhagen

Crafted in Portugal.

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