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Architectural Stories by Bernard De Clerck - digital book only


Bernard De Clerck is undoubtedly a conceptual architect who is not in the least conventional, even if he finds his inspiration not only in ancient times, the Renaissance and the Arts and Crafts movement, but also in the local architecture.

Each house, each living space, each cluster of buildings from the hand of Bernard De Clerck is based on a story and is the beginning of a new one. It is both time present and time past.

Timeless, warm, with clear lines and with a sensitive attention to detail.

Photography: Jo Pauwels. Texts: Ivo Pauwels.

304 pages

Trilingual version (English, French, Dutch)

Printed book is sold out and will not be reprinted.

This digital version in PDF is readable on all devices: iPhone, iPad, all Samsung and other Android phones and tablets, Apple and other computers.

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