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Cosmopolitan Living (digital book only)


Twelve extraordinary houses and apartments in unique urban settings: from New York to Mexico City, from London to Paris, Lyon, Berlin and Geneva to Tel Aviv, Pingtung City and Sydney.

 Projects by Originate London, Emmanuel de Bayser, Bernd Gruber, Hao Design, Maison Hand, Lev Ronen, Nicolas Schuybroek Architects, Esther Gutmer, Xavier Charvet, Frederic Berthier, Hélène & Olivier Lempereur and Redgen Mathieson.

Trilingual version (English/Spanish/French). 

12/2017 - 192 pages - 280 x 327 mm (11 x 13  inches)

The printed version of this book is sold out and will not be reprinted.
This digital version is available in PDF and can be read on maximum four devices: desktop and laptop computer, smartphone and tablet.

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