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In Focus - A Tribute to World's Best Architecture & Interior Photographers (digital book)


Step into a captivating world where the lens becomes a storyteller, and architectural marvels and interior masterpieces unfold with mesmerizing clarity.

"IN FOCUS" is not just a book; it's a visual odyssey paying homage to the world's most exceptional architecture and interiors photographers. 

As the curated collection unveils the unique perspectives of each photographer, from the play of light on architectural structures to the intimate details of curated living spaces, readers are invited to witness the convergence of art and functionality. This tribute encapsulates the essence of architectural and interior photography, showcasing the visionaries who have dedicated their craft to immortalizing the soul of spaces.

Size: 280 mm x 355 mm (11 x 14 inches)

Extent: 608 pages luxury hardcover (= 50 photographers each 12 pages)

English language only

Publication: March 20,  2024

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